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The Original Hollywood Horror Show, 6333 Bass Mountain Road, Snow Camp, NC


 A versatile talent, Dean Jones is a writer, director and makeup artist with two Emmy wins for his makeup effects work on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."


Jones was first discovered by director David Lynch while doing makeup effects work on the film "Blue Velvet." It was Lynch who encouraged him to move to Los Angeles, and since then Jones has worked on over seventy films and one hundred episodes of television, including film projects with Michael Figgis, Sam Mendes and Dennis Hopper, Tobe Hooper, and Steve Miner.


Jones began his career in Hollywood with a two-year stint at Roger Corman's New Horizon Studios while moonlighting as a police officer for LAPD. He refined his craft working on a number of small horror films before landing the seven-year run on "Deep Space Nine" that garnered him two emmy wins and seven nominations.


Now creating effects through his company, American Makeup and FX, Jones has produced and directed several independent films. He also has an ongoing collaboration with Tobe Hooper, doing second-unit directing for Hooper's "Toolbox Murders," and writing and directing "Nevermore," which Hooper is producing. As a makeup artist he continues to be in demand for high-profile films such as "Jarhead," "Poseidon," "The Santa Claus 3," and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3", "Night of the living Dead 3-D and currently the new "Day of the Dead."


Jones grew up in a small, rural mill town in North Carolina, experimenting with makeup effects and filmmaking from the time he was a child. He graduated from UNC Greensboro with a BFA in acting/directing, and remains true to his roots, annually producing with his brother North Carolina's "Original Hollywood Horror Show," one of the largest haunted attractions in the United States.