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The Original Hollywood Horror Show, 6333 Bass Mountain Road, Snow Camp, NC


Starr Jones' fascination with the film industry began at an early age with a visit to a film set in his native state of North Carolina. Famed American Bandstand host and television producer Dick Clark was directing a cops and robbers film entitled Killers Three near his hometown. Witnessing a makeup artist sculpting a bullet hole right on an actors face with wax on that film set sparked the interest in creating believable makeup. Along with his brother Dean he began experimenting with common household materials to create gruesome wounds and monsters.


A book given to him for Christmas written by legendary makeup artist Dick Smith was all it took. Soon he was creating all manner of characters for friends and family for Halloween parties. Participation in the scouting program lead to creating realistic first aid injuries for his fellow scouts to practice their emergency preparedness on. With fierce dedication Starr achieved the highest rank of scouting the eagle award. While in high school he coordinated the makeup for several large plays produced by his school. Upon graduation he attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received a BFA in Acting and Directing.


Upon graduation he and his brother Dean began to develop a career in film. Today Starr Jones is a talented and experienced makeup artist. having worked on over 80 movies and more than 200 hundred television episodes including Day of the Dead, Mortuary, Toolbox Murders, Star Trek, and The Abyss, to name but a few.


Starr has worked as an independent film producer and as second unit director. Along with his brother Dean he produces one of the country's largest and most elaborate Halloween attractions know as the Original Hollywood Horror Show, where he has also produced two feature films.