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American Horror Story's Mr. Twisty

About Mr. Twisty...

Our special guest loves to perform his special magic tricks for an audience, but please clap for him since he gets upset easily...

The Last Ride

Enjoy the ride...

Experience your own funeral, from the coffin to the grave! It's Death...Hollywood style!

Ghost Pirates of the Caribbean

All aboard the Black Pearl!

A Hollywood-style Stunt Show aboard The Black Pearl!

The "Spirit of Houdini" Magic Show

A Magic Show Unlike Any Other

Every night through run of show! See some of Harry Houdini's most famous escape acts performed at the Hollywood Horror Show!

Take a Trip in Hellraiser's Vortex

Pain has a face...

See the future of horror by taking a death-defying trip through Hellraiser's vortex and experience unholy terror.


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